Akris Spring – Summer 2024

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Akris’s ready–to–wear collections are celebrated for blending fashion and art history, and the Akris Spring – Summer 2024 collection stays true to form. Albert Kriemler, Akris’ Creative Director, drew inspiration from Felice (Lizzi) Rix-Ueno, a renowned artist of the Wiener Werkstätte era. Lizzi’s work is characterized by vivid colors, curves, and ornamentation embodying the concept of “Fantasie” – using imagination to achieve originality.

The Runway: A Symphony of Art and Music

The runway’s atmosphere featured numerous poppy installations, complemented by a classical duo performing original compositions. This audio-visual fusion synchronized flawlessly with the Akris Spring – Summer 2024 collection.

Inspiration in Lizzi’s Artistry: Creating a Distinct Visual Language

Rix-Ueno’s poppy fabric sketches strongly influenced the central theme of the Akris Spring – Summer 2024 Collection. Kriemler ingeniously incorporated her poppy design into various fashion pieces like embroidered cocktail dresses and vibrantly colored pleated trousers, highlighting a fresh approach to pant design and statement blazers. Easter bonbonniere another statement artwork of Rix-Ueno’s, adorned a flowing white shirtdress. Nature-inspired watercolor depictions enhanced other elements in the collection. In a tribute to nature, an abstract watercolor and pencil depiction of birds breathed life into a modestly styled button-down and matching cargo pants.

Akris Spring – Summer 2024 Collection Color Palette

The collection’s color palette ranged from rich reds and deep electric blues, seamlessly transitioning into more neutral earthy tones. It culminated with striking platinum silk fringe evening pieces that elegantly swept the floor.

The Akris Spring – Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the power of art in an inspiring, timeless fashion. Albert Kriemler has a remarkable talent for crafting ready-to-wear collections that resonate across generations.

The Museum for Applied Arts in Vienna will host an exhibition featuring the artist Felice (Lizzi) Rix-Ueno, titled “Exhibition Opening: Stars, Feathers, Tassels,” running from November 22, 2023, to April 21, 2024, (Akris is as sponsor)


Akris Spring – Summer 2024
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The article originally published in German on FACES.CH

Hero Image and Images : ©Akris

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Akris Spring – Summer 2024