Roberto Cavalli Spring-Summer 24

Paradise Collection

Redefining Cavalli for All Generations

A Shift Towards Exclusivity

This season, to our surprise, the guest list appeared more exclusive. Cavalli is becoming discerning in their approach to invites, and it’s no wonder. The brand has garnered a legion of celebrity fans, including the likes of Beyoncé and Rita Ora. Fausto Pugliese’s fresh approach, while staying true to the brand’s essence, has firmly placed Cavalli on the radar of a newer generation—one that flaunts their wealth rather than keeping it quiet, aligning perfectly with Roberto Cavalli’s original vision of excess temptation, and diva-like charm, all delivered with impeccable style. We were greeted by a vibrant display of colors reminiscent of a summer sunset. The collection exuded an air of lightness, with poetic graphics that spoke to the soul.

Pugliese’s Diverse Vision

Pugliese understands that Cavalli’s allure is universal, but the traditional Cavalli style didn’t always resonate with everyone. Yet again, he presents his collection in a manner that caters to diverse tastes. Pugliese doesn’t adhere to a single direction; his collections fluidly transition from one aesthetic to another, much like the flow of silk. Subtle flashes of lilac and hand-painted feathers in an array of shades paint a vivid picture. The feather motif, in particular, captivates, adorning spectacular sandblasted denim jeans with minuscule, laser-cut feathers dancing along the hem. It’s a harmonious blend of wild freedom and refined sophistication, a boundless fantasy of glamour.

Accessories That Define Luxury

An archive clutch adorned with twin golden metal claws shape-shifts into a hobo model, complete with playful fringes and interchangeable shoulder straps—a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Leather sandals, with their towering wedges and seductive sling-backs tantalizingly close to the ground, exude an ostrich feather-inspired allure—a true homage to diva slippers.

A Celebration of Femininity

Roberto Cavalli’s Paradise Collection for Spring/Summer ’24 is a triumphant ode to feminine empowerment. It encapsulates the essence of the Cavalli house: daring, sexy, audacious, and teasing. Pugliese’s vision leaves no room for compromise, embracing every woman’s inner diva without reservation. In this captivating world, elegance reigns supreme, boundaries cease to exist, and fashion is an ever-evolving journey through timeless allure. Fausto Puglisi’s genius is the compass guiding us through the ever-shifting currents of fashion, proving that the true essence of Cavalli is an ageless, multi-faceted marvel.

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The article originally published in German on FACES.CH

Photo Credits: Hero Image and Images: © Roberto Cavalli

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