Sportmax Spring – Summer 2024

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In the intriguing world of Sportmax’s Spring -Summer 2024 collection, questions flowed as freely as creativity. Positioned around what seemed like a reimagined version of Marc Quinn’s 2000 Garden—an elevated vitrine brimming with lush tropical flora—the audience was prompted to ponder the interplay between the natural and the synthetic. 

Thought-Provoking Showcase

The Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024 Collection opened with a striking array of silhouettes in pristine white. Corseted bodysuits, rubber-infused shirts, structured oversized tops, and layered blazers set the stage. Tubular dresses featured lifelike floral depictions, while transparent ensembles emulated delicate flower wrappings. As the show progressed, vibrant floral tones took center stage. An orange-pink coverall, trailed gracefully by a model, initiated this colorful journey. Green and red creations followed, paving the way for hues of purple, orange, pink, and teal that defined the collection. A lilac sheer button-up dress and a peach rectangular dress with a striking guard up to the chin showcased the collection’s versatility. The garments showcased innovation, with stretch knitwear, netting, and colorful, translucent layers juxtaposed with opaque elements. The collection circled back to its pristine origins with organic, intentionally crinkled gowns that seemed to embrace the models’ bodies. Partner artist Kristof Kintera’s “Postnaturalia” series found its place in the collection, depicting flowers and herbs emerging from dismantled circuit boards, sparking reflection on screen time and virtual versus tangible experiences.

Awakening to Contemplation: Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024’s Refreshing Message

Amid Milan’s frenetic fashion week, the Sportmax Spring-Summer 2024 collection extends an invitation to “wake up and smell the roses” amid the whirlwind of modernity. Our world is increasingly entangled with advanced technology and sophisticated gadgets, ensnaring us in a web of instant gratification, algorithmic speed, and the allure of digital platforms. However, much like Marc Quinn’s Garden, the Sportmax Spring – Summer collection challenges us to reconnect with life’s contemplative and mystical side.

Sportmax Spring - Summer 2024
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The article originally published in German on FACES.CH

Photo Credits: Hero Image and Images: Raffaella Lucente for © Sportmax

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Sportmax Spring – Summer 2024