Max Mara Spring – Summer 2024

Ian Griffiths Draws Inspiration from the Women’s Land Army for Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 Collection

For the Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 collection, Ian Griffiths finds his muse in the remarkable Women’s Land Army, a formidable force born during World War I and revived during World War II. Comprising up to 80,000 resilient women, these Land Girls courageously assumed farming duties as Britain’s men answered the call to arms. Their contribution extended beyond the fields, encompassing roles in munitions factories, nursing, auxiliary military service, air raid wardens, and other non-combatant positions.

Capturing the Indomitable Spirit: Griffiths’ Homage to Extraordinary Women

Griffiths channels their indomitable spirit into his collection in homage to these extraordinary women. He captures the utilitarian essence of the era through a diverse palette, spanning from earthy cotton shades to delicate rosy pinks. From the elegant long Don-style work jackets to the flirtatious backless pencil dresses, the collection resonates with practicality and purpose.

Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 Collection: Transition in Style

The transition in style is evident in the higher hemlines, patch-pocketed hot pants, and their fusion with tunics and rompers. Leather-edged canvas gardening bags and bridle-leather binocular cases add flair to the high-waisted green blousons and Max Mara’s iconic coats. The wide-gauge knit jersey, adorned with irregular cotton patches, pays homage to the era’s resourceful “make-do-and-mend” ethos. As the collection unfolds, autumnal shades debut alongside the timeless camel hue synonymous with Max Mara. Jodhpur pants, corsets, and officer-style tunics broaden the collection’s versatility. The show reaches its climax with a series of monochrome chintz looks.

Ian Griffiths: Crafting Empowering Narratives Through Fashion

Ian Griffiths has a penchant for drawing inspiration from strong women of the past, reimagining their wardrobes to tell compelling stories. His collections resonate with modern, empowered women, bridging the gap between history and contemporary fashion. In the Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 Collection, Griffiths once again transforms the legacy of remarkable women into attire that speaks to the strength and style of today’s empowered women.

Watch the Max Mara Spring- Summer 2024 Runway Show Here

Max Mara Spring Summer 2024 Favourite Looks
Max Mara Spring - Summer 2024
Max Mara Spring - Summer 2024
Max Mara Spring - Summer 2024
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Hero Image and Photos: ©Max Mara

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Max Mara Spring – Summer 2024