Naladhu – The Haute Couture of Private Island Resorts

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In November 2021, Naladhu Private Resort in the Maldives was relaunched after six months of extensive renovations. The resort, part of the Anantara group, was named the number one resort in the Indian Ocean by the annual Conde Nast readers’ choice awards. Naladhu is renowned for its concept of ultimate privacy and tailor-made luxury..

No two people have the same idea of luxury

No two people have the same idea of luxury, and Naladhu understands that their guests’ experiences should be unique. Each stay is tailored to the individual guest, and no two visits are identical. To compare the concept of Naladhu can be likened to Haute Couture, as Chef Philippe explained in our interview. The resort’s attention to detail in every aspect of its operation ensures a genuinely personalized and luxurious experience for each guest.

The Resort

Naladhu is situated on the edge of a pristine lagoon in the exquisite South Malé Atoll. The Island is only 123 meters wide by 180 meters long, providing tranquility and privacy, allowing you to escape your chaotic, noisy daily life for calm and peaceful seclusion. The resort boasts only 19 houses, one Villa, a wellness center, a gym, and The Living Room, where guests can expect extraordinary dining. The dining, relaxing spaces, and houses feature East Asian, and modern colonial-style decors blended with a light color palette, complemented by eye-catching effects like antique furniture and art objects.

A Charming Villa, Luxurious Village Concept

The concept of the villas is charming and luxurious. Picture yourself surrounded by lush tropical gardens and wandering along mystical sandy pathways with beautiful sea views, creating an escapist fantasy.

The charming and luxurious villa concept features 300 square meter houses similar in size and style. The beach and ocean pool houses offer a private 4 x 8m plunge pool. The beauty is in the details. The spacious bedrooms are aesthetically decorated with king-sized beds and antique furniture, surrounded by glass panel doors that open entirely to the outside. The marvelous dressing room, accessorized with designer fittings, leads the way to the spacious bathroom, which boasts a steam room, a garden rain shower, and a bathtub with spectacular views. The houses also have an impressive bar with a private wine selection and a fridge stocked with delicacies. Outdoors, you can enjoy breathtaking sunrises or sunsets depending on which side of the Island your house is located.

Take a plunge in your infinity pool or laze in the sun on your private deck. Dine in and take advantage of the “no menu dine anywhere concept” that Naladu offers. Afterward, relax on your swinging daybed with the perfect #myviewfortheweek. This ultimate privacy does not end at your house, as your private dedicated beach cabana awaits you on the lagoon’s edge. Enjoy your sun loungers and be spoiled with refreshments to your heart’s desire that your Kuwaano can arrange for you.

The Ocean House Interior & The Outdoor Swing Bed

The Residence

The Residence is the epitome of luxury, boasting two beautiful villas linked by a large wooden deck and a 20 x 5m infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The magnificent sunrise and sunset views make it the perfect place to relax and unwind. With a spacious living and dining area, fully equipped with modern audio-visual equipment, a full butler’s kitchen, and a stocked pantry behind the indoor dining area, it offers everything you need for a comfortable stay. Indulge in intimate candlelit dinners on the terrace with the sound of waves crashing right next to you. Savor culinary delights tailored to your unique preferences by the visionary culinary team. The Residence can sleep up to 6 people comfortably.

Your Butler

Upon arrival, your personal butler, known as a Kuwaanu in Dhivehi, the Maldivian language, will escort you to your Villa. Your Kuwaanu is available to assist you 24/7, serving as your guide and fulfilling your requests to ensure your stay at Naladu is enjoyable, relaxing, and unforgettable.

Maison de haute couture” menu concept

The food at Naladhu and its sister islands is exceptional. The executive chef, Phillipe, personally selects fresh produce from only the best global suppliers to create a “Maison de haute couture” menu concept. Chef Phillipe runs The Living Room, a remarkable restaurant at Naladhu, and other restaurants on the sister islands. He is passionate about creating unique dining experiences and credits his culinary team, who have extensive experience in cuisines from around the world. Chef Phillipe passionately describes the personalized culinary experience at Naladhu, comparing it to haute couture fashion. The “no-menu dine anywhere concept” allows guests to eat whatever they desire whenever they feel like it and wherever they wish, whether it’s a romantic dinner on the beach or dining in their Villa. Chef Phillipe emphasizes the importance of precision and accountability in creating a memorable dining experience.

The Living Room restaurant

What else to explore

Guests at Naladhu can also explore the nearby Anantara “sister” islands, Veli and Dhigu, accessible via pontoon boat or bridge. These islands offer a variety of activities, such as surfing lessons and shark snorkeling. Unlike Naladhu, these resorts have many dining options available, but are also busier and less secluded.

Healthy Holiday Lifestyle

At Naladhu, promoting a healthy holiday lifestyle is a top priority. Guests can indulge in private yoga sessions on their deck while enjoying a breathtaking view or workout at the gym on the Island. This option is also available for those needing a personal trainer. In addition, Naladhu offers a dedicated spa treatment area and an in-house nutritionist, allowing guests to prioritize their health and wellness.

That feeling of having exclusive expectations and desires for tailor-made experiences and having them effortlessly met is “haute couture.”
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